Protection of Information tribunal judges by the Judicial Ombudsman

On the 17th March 2013 I presented a complaint to the Judicial Ombudsman about breach of code of conduct of information tribunal judges, who had covered up failings of Dorset Police and the Information Commissioner by being biased and ignoring all factors in the case which were inconvenient to the conclusions they wanted:

This complaint stems from a Freedom of Information request made to Dorset Police nearly 2 years ago. What has followed has been a shocking sequence of avoidance, cover up, ignoring facts, and decisions made to protect, rather than to find and promote the truth, involving DP, the Information Commissioner, Information Tribunal, Judge Farrer, and Judge Warren on the complaint against Judge Farrer.

Also over 2 years, the original concerns, far from fading, have grown substantially. I have now presented strong evidence of serious failings in DP, including misconduct, breach of duty of care, perverting the course of justice and fraud. At no point during this case or before has any attempt been made by any of the individuals or organizations involved, to explain or deny a single one of the serious allegations I have made and my attempts to communicate have been ignored.

The summary of the case up to the point of failure of Judge Farrer is comprehensively documented. As it is largely evidence based it is best viewed electronically, all the supporting documents and evidence available by links. The top level document, which formed a complaint against Judge Farrer and direct application to Upper Tribunal, is available here: . I realize that this complaint cannot directly deal with the overall case but an appreciation of the relevant issues against Judge Warren will be inadequate without a knowledge of the background.

Essentially, the brief and inadequate responses I have received from Judge Warren have simply been "more of the same", it appears that he has chosen to protect Judge Farrer, and has simply dodged the complaint entirely by refusing to see that there is a complaint of conduct even though this is crystal clear. He has also totally ignored the large number of serious failings I have described with comprehensive evidence and that he is in a position to put right all of these failings, ultimately likely to result in better road safety work by the police and therefore saved lives.

Judge Warren has now therefore also demonstrated the same failings, misconduct, lack of impartiality, breach of duty of care and ultimately, potentially also covering up and aiding and abetting fraud. As I do not have the space here, the full complaint and supporting documentation is available here:

The response was as follows (3 pages) : br25apr2013a.jpeg, br25apr2013b.jpeg, br25apr2013c.jpeg

I sent this reply:

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your letter of 25th April in which you indicate that “there is no evidence to suggest that Judge Warren did not deal with (my) complaint properly and correctly”.

How you can reach this conclusion is quite baffling, he did not deal with it at all, he dodged it.

And this when the original case is comprehensively detailed and sets out in total clarity a long and alarming history of misconduct and cover-up through Dorset Police, the Information commissioner, and the Information Tribunal. In addition I have detailed how all of the 3 primary indications of fraud mentioned on the Serious Fraud Office website have been fulfilled in plenty by Dorset Police.

You have now completely dodged the complaint against Judge Warren. I will not attempt to escalate this further, but I thought I should register my dissatisfaction with you and will continue to seek the right outcome.

I then received this: br23may2013.jpeg