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This morning I came across this news article:

“Law will stop police quitting to avoid being investigated: Move comes after it emerged 38 officers facing misconduct charges have left jobs before interview” 


Alarm bells started ringing with me immediately resulting from my complaint against Martin Baker. I checked the dates: The month the IPCC agreed to uphold my complaint: November 2012. The month that Martin Baker "suddenly" retired: November 2012.

The article says “A new law to prevent police officers side-stepping misconduct and disciplinary investigations by quitting the force with their pensions intact is to be introduced within weeks.

The move comes after it emerged 38 officers in England and Wales facing misconduct charges have quit in the past four years, escaping scrutiny.


Currently, the police watchdog,  the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), cannot compel officers to  attend interviews once they  have resigned or retired,  although former and serving officers must answer any criminal allegations.”

So it seems MB avoided misconduct charges by retiring but fraud is criminal and he must still face the fact that Dorset Police under his guidance took part in a £1million fraud.

So it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that not only did he dodge misconduct charges, he dodged losing his £90,000 pension, AND WITH AN OPEN CASE AGAINST HIM INCLUDING MATTERS OF FINANCIAL MISREPRESENTATION HE WALKED STRAIGHT INTO DIRECTORSHIP OF TWO CONSULTANCY COMPANIES THAT OFFER SERVICES TO THE NEW POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONERS. And one of those new PCCs, Martyn Underhill, then protected Martin Baker by avoiding all the facts and evidence of the case. Like I say, you couldn’t make it up.

I might be wrong of course but if I had been an ethical person in Martin Baker’s position and believed I had done nothing wrong I would have waited for the IPCC case to complete before retiring to avoid any “misunderstanding”. But I certainly cannot imagine any other profession where you can take a £90K pension paid for by the public AND progress your career while misconduct questions remain over you no matter how barmy they might be.


I looked into the "company" now being run by Martin Baker, "One Team Advisory", and guess who the other Director is? It's Mike Glanville! This would be the same Mike Glanville who was "Chair of the Dorset Safer Roads Strategic Partnership", and who originally declared me "vexatious" so that Dorset Police would no longer have to answer my embarrassing questions. He was therefore featured in my original formal complaint against Dorset Police http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/news/sog102.aspx made in Feb 2012:

"Mike Glanville has therefore clearly demonstrated that Dorset Police really do have something to hide and will go to any lengths to do so. Mike Glanville has important responsibilities, both Chair of the DSRSP and also assistant chief of Dorset Police, but has demonstrated behavior entirely inappropriate for someone in these positions."

And MG "retired" just 3 months later in May!!!! This can't be a coincidence. These 2 senior police officers knew they were doing wrong and got out quick to give them the best chance of escaping scrutiny. And Mike Glanville was eventually replaced by James Vaughan, who is behaving just as badly now.

This started out as an investigation into the abuse of the law to make money from speed cameras to protect jobs, egos and empires but it is perhaps not surprising that it has ended up where it has – the conclusion now is one of a totally rotten police force from top to bottom, and mostly at the top.

Of course this might be coincidence, but as I think back, a remarkable number of people who I have connected with over the years have “moved on” silently (possibly even retired) or to new areas remote from what they were doing before, such as:

1.       Pat Garrett, Head of Fixed Penalties, Dorset Safety Camera Partnership, after my complaint against him which Colin Searle dealt with

2.       Colin Searle, Chief Superintendent, shortly after, who met with me, could see I was talking a lot of sense, and stuck his neck out by suggesting I should take part in Dorset Road Safe meetings. I haven’t been able to find out anything about him since.

3.       Colin Smith, Head of professional standards at Hampshire, who recently vanished from his position just as his appalling, flawed and biased report was released to Martyn Underhill.


Like I say, I really don’t know where to start from now but with every step my belief, confidence and determination strengthens.