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Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
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I have today received a letter from Dorset Police, explaining that “Dorset Police needs to change the basis on which it engages” with me! “Dorset Police will no longer respond to any communication from you that in any way attempts to raise the same issues or discuss these matters any further”

Dorset Police has done everything to avoid communication with me from the start!! This really isn’t going to make any difference!!

The letter mentions the processes that have contributed to the cover-up, the Information Tribunal, Commissioner, IPCC etc. but completely avoids the fact that I have obliterated those blatantly corrupt and biased decisions which have only been reached by avoiding the realities with solid logic, evidence and reasoning. All of this is available from links from www.dorsetspeed.org.uk.  

“None of this costly and time consuming engagement has satisfied you” None of this costly and time consuming engagement would even have happened if there had been a proper and honest answer to the simple and reasonable question I asked years ago “can you tell me the cost of provision of the course and what makes it up”. I WOULD HAVE BEEN SATISFIED IF DP HAD PROPERLY ANSWERED THE QUESTION. INSTEAD DP HAVE FOR YEARS OBSTRUCTED IT AND EVEN FAILED TO PROPERLY ANSWER ANNETTE BROOKE MP WHEN SHE ASKED IT. EVEN MARTYN UNDERHILL HAS MANAGED TO DODGE THE DIRECT QUESTION. THIS IS WHY I AM NOT SATISFIED.

One of the top level costs I was given has already been confirmed as inflated by £57,000 or 400%, but Martyn Underhill didn’t withdraw his support for the corrupted Hampshire report saying there was no financial misrepresentation!!!!!

And even now after years and after Martyn Underhill telling me in the meeting I had “financial disclosure” the explanations HE KNEW I wanted about costs which Colin Smith said “didn’t stack up” have still been dodged!!!!

What about the fraudulent Speed on Green camera Ms Simpson, which made Dorset Police £1million only on the back of a pack of lies?

Dear Chief Constable Simpson, you are either criminally negligent in your lack of knowledge about what has happened or are deliberately and knowingly turning the blindest of eyes to it. Either way, YOU are now also added to the list of those who have covered up fraudulent and dangerous operations of Dorset Police, I really must get working on that. One day this list is going to be of great interest to whoever deals with this properly. It’s going to happen.

I am not sure if you have seen the article I commented on over the weekend “Ex-police questioned over £1.9million paid by motorists on speed awareness courses” The cracks in this massive scam are now spreading dangerously. You all have your heads in the sand and are certainly, one day sooner or later, going to find out that is no way to get out of this.