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James Vaughan (Deputy Chief Constable) jumps into the hole and helps to dig!

I received a letter from James Vaughan written on the 19th August.

In this he writes:
"Unfortunately, the [recording] pen did not record during the meeting"

Why has it taken a month for me to be informed about this? Is it more likely that they have listened to it over and over, and decided on balance that it would be better to be suspected of destroying it, than to release it? Funny how the evidence that would really take this forward seems to disappear, such as, in the report "data before 2010 has been lost". 

"The FOI matter has been passed to our FOI department who will respond to you separately"

Very good, I look forward to seeing an open, honest and comprehensive response although why have I heard nothing after almost a month?

"I have also had the opportunity to review the newspaper article regarding Dorset Road Safe at Holes Bay, and in my opinion this is far from misleading"

Firstly it was the press release that you agreed to look at, stating that it was a casualty reduction effort (at a ZERO KSI site). In any case, the newspaper article, if it is the one I believe it to be, quotes Pat Garrett saying "it was found to be a community concern site, not a casualty reduction site" however as I have explained in my response to the report this was also a lie, assisted in the report by the "lost" data.

We are not looking for opinions, Mr Vaughan, we are looking for a proper consideration of the FACTS, such as the simple facts above, that demonstrate that your OPINION is completely wrong.

"I do understand that there are and will continue to be some fundamental differences in  our views and opinions regarding Dorset Road Safe and the use of speed cameras"

Yes, but that is not what this is about. This is about misconduct, dishonesty, corruption, fraud and even danger, blatantly evident in speed camera operation and the covering up of these serious failures.

"I felt that our meeting did lead to a healthy debate over the situation, however, I do now consider this matter to be closed"

There was very little healthy debate. Mostly it was an avoidance effort, just as your letter is. The fact that you seem to consider this satisfactorily concluded is a matter of misconduct in itself. This is not closed, it will run until this appalling misconduct by a growing number of those meant to be delivering public service is fully exposed.