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Greed on Green - A catalogue of lies to justify a £1million camera where casualty reduction was not even possible

1. The press release  is clearly intended to give the impression that casualty reduction is the reason for this camera. This was not even possible as there were none. LIE.

2. I asked for the data. Brian Austin did everything he could to avoid providing an answer,  giving clearly made up and dishonest reasons for not providing it. When the data came  it was obvious why Dorset Police wanted to keep it secret. Not only did it confirm that the site had been selected for "continued casualty reduction", it confirmed that there were no casualties to reduce, and also that 20,000 NIPs had been raised - conservatively raising £1 million for Dorset Police, but most importantly, for the "partnership" therefore keeping it viable and the senior managers of it, including Brian Austin, Pat Garrett, and Johnny Stephens, in work.

3. On the DCSP website, in the "dispelling myths" section it was stated that there was no incentive for the Police to use cameras to make money as "all fine revenue went to the government" (not that this should fill anyone with delight). But this was when Dorset Police were already making nearly £2million a year  by persuading drivers to make payments directly to them in return for failure to prosecute!!! So there was a massive incentive! LIE. And shockingly, you can find Brian Austin repeating this lie in an FOI response, "5. Dorset has never retained "revenue" from safety cameras. All fines paid go to the Treasury"  Further lies came in FOI responses about the massively inflated top level course costs.

4. As I have seen many times, now that the lies were starting to be recognised, Dorset Police did not put the situation right, they just dug the hole deeper. Pat Garrett changed the lie from "casualty reduction" to "community concern" . However, they were then completely unable to provide any relevent evidence of this "community concern". LIE.

5. Due to my investigations, and public protest, (ie REAL community concern) the camera was shut down, but they even had to lie about that! Dorset Police would not provide me with an answer, passing the buck to Poole Council. Martin Baker (of the council, not the ex Chief Constable) did not want to give the real reason - that it had been found to be a scam. So he told me that the camera which was bringing in a £million was closed as a part of cost cutting !!!! LIE.

6. Martyn Underhill's brushoff also said that the reason for the camera had been "community concern", even though he says Dorset Police told him that the evidence of it had been "lost"!! Would they really have lost it if it had been a genuine answer to the problem of having described it as a casualty reduction effort when it could not have been?! Martyn Underhill was either turning a totally blind eye to everything I had put to him or was LYING too.

By the way, concerning the lie from Brian Austin in point 3 above, here he is in April 2013 , virtually saying that police operations are to overcome resource difficulties! "BA confirmed that obtaining resources and finance is difficult. After review and discussions it has been decided that there will be a series of mini SAT (surround a town) operations between April and the end of June" I wonder if those who went on the course as a result were also lied to as to the purpose of the course - road safety, or was it funding?

And this is how worried they all were about their jobs  in 2012! "JV (current assistant Chief Constable James Vaughan) summarised that all were in a difficult position and this has a knock on effect to the continuance of the Partnership and at what level."

So it is not possible that senior Managers for Dorset Road Safe did not know that they would have to ramp up the income to secure their jobs, and that this would help considerably to do it, but the only way to present it to the public was with a PACK OF BARE FACED LIES