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Overview, 2017

Just a brief overview of the context: A situation was allowed to develop where police operations evolved where the individuals concerned had: 1. No public accountability, 2. Protection of the law, 3. A direct link between the money made by operations "for the good of the public", and their own job security, promotion and power. Such a blatant and toxic conflict of interest would not even be allowed in most public services and the result not difficult to predict. The situation was of course "speed enforcement", now a £100,000,000 annual UK industry which offers "offenders" not to be prosecuted in return for payments directly to the police (something that would be considered astonishing anywhere else) - the largest part of which was "overseen" by guess who - Chief Constable Suzette Davenport.

My investigation is vast and has been ongoing for some 15 years, but what I will present here are some really simple standalone points which reveal dishonesty, protection and cover-up on an industrial scale, failures as serious as those which resulted in other high profile policing failures, Hillsborough, etc, and how the current regime headed up by current PCC Martyn Underhill has worked hard to sweep all this under the carpet - possibly a more serious failure than the orignial ones. These are shocking direct failures, but in something as important as road safety, when there is so much distraction / corruption, it can only translate to avoidable deaths not avoided.