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When you complain about senior individuals in the Police, or they realise they have got themselves into something they should not, they often seem to mysteriously and suddenly "vanish"!!

Some will probably say this is "coincidence", possibly if it was 1 or 2, but an astonishing 4 senior officers have vanished at key points during my investigations about Dorset Police, when I later found out that this is common practice for those wanting to dodge misconduct investigation . Also, "Half of police facing gross misconduct probes leave force before case heard"

1. Late 2011 I made a complaint against Johnny Stephens, one of the managers of the Dorset Safety Camera Partnership at the time. The complaint was dealt with by Colin Searle, Chief Superintendent. It was the most constructive meeting / discussion I have had with Dorset Police, to the point that Colin Searle somewhat stuck his neck out and promoted the idea that I should actually become involved in Dorset Road Safe to provide some balance and technical input. However, the failings of Johnny Stephens were not discussed as I was told that he was no longer a part of the "partnership". Although I think he might have been partly involved again at some point, searches for Johnny Stephens come up with nothing since that time.

2. Mike Glanville, Assistant Chief Constable, declared me "vexatious" so that Dorset Police would not have to answer my questions, when my previous FOI investigation hade revealed a £million fraud. There could not be a better demonstarted of the use of FOI for the public good. Here is his letter to me and my reply which went unanswered . I complained about him and he quickly retired.

3. Martin Baker, the previous Chief Constable, retired "suddenly" in the same month  as I was told that my initial complaint against him had been upheld. On a £90K police pension and with an open complaint against him, he tried to set up a private firm with Mike Glanville to make more money from the police / public!! Yes really!

4. Colin Smith, incredibly, "retired" between handing his clearly corrupted complaint to Martyn Underhill, and MU allowing me to see it and quite rightly challenge it!! My complaint against him, which included the simple proof that he lied in is final written report, was dodged by Hampshire Chief Constable Andy Marsh, by interpreting it as a complaint against the decision!!