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Dear Ms Hernandez,

I have now received the reply to my appeal. Predictably, despite all the numerous failings I have detailed, the complaint has been dodged. These include:

  1. The misrepresentation remains in the public domain: https://www.dorset.police.uk/news-information/article/6850
  2. The question of whether or not this misrepresentation is in fact correct or incorrect has been dodged.
  3. The question of who was actually responsible for the misrepresentation has been dodged.
  4. The last response added nothing to the previous response, my complaint about which was upheld.
  5. None of the intended outcomes of Local Resolution have been achieved.
  6. My simple observation that the previous appeal contained simple factual errors has been dodged.
  7. The point about the figures in the article being actually incorrect has been dodged.
  8. The point about the interpretation (of the false figures) being incorrect has been dodged.
  9. It seems no advice has been given to anyone and standards will not improve.
  10. Just saying that “there are apologies if anything was wrong” and leaving the misrepresentations in place is NOT a satisfactory outcome to this


Etc etc etc.

And now several of the professional standards / complaints people have also swept this under the carpet.

Regardless of what you may think about the issues I raise, the way they have been dealt with is utterly appalling, and if this is at all indicative of how the force behaves generally it is truly worrying.

I therefore present you with a very strong opportunity to sort out serious misconduct, cover up and protection in Devon and Cornwall police.

Please can you acknowledge this and let me know what you intend to do about it in good time.


Regards, Ian Belchamber.