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Yet more nonsense from Dorset Police

Dorset has a new Assistant Chief Constable, Sam de Raya. She seems to have been trained well by Mr Underhill and Mr Vaughan,


“Over the last ten years, we’ve worked in partnership to reduce the number of casualties by 20 per cent and while every collision can be devastating, I am pleased that we are making constant progress in making our roads safer.”

Excellent, vague misleading nonsense, Sam is going to go far in Dorset Police. Even though this does not actually say it (intentionally?) the casual reader will come away with the impression that the "Partnership" has reduced casualties by 20% in the last decade.

PLEASE CAN DORSET POLICE STOP PUBLISHING THIS MISINFORMATION There has been no 20% casualty reduction, and if there had, it would not have been only because of the partnership.

This is what happens when senior police, the regulators and watchdogs, all coverup and protect lies and incompetence from the police - nothing improves and it just carries on.

And REAL casualty counts suffer as a consequence.