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Update 2017
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Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
Here is the link to the new group

More examples of apparently false news from Dorset Police were spotted in 2019, and the appropriate freedom of information requests opened. See how these claims don't stand up to any level of scrutiny and how difficult and slow it is to get anything out of Dorset Police:


"Dorset Police has nearly 100 per cent satisfaction rate for how it treats crime victims": now that simply does not seem realistic, with the reality often seen that the police struggle to even turn up at most lower level crimes. Any surveys about this need to be handled very carefully to ensure that results are balanced and accurate. But Dorset Police could not even clarify the number of those who took part in the survey had a crime successfuly concluded by the police! https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/dorset_police_has_nearly_100_per


"Residents tell Dorset Police they feel safe despite perceived crime rise":  Again I asked for the information and this time, the data. The responses from Dorset Police are appalling, eventually reaching refusal, for reasons that are quite hilarious: even though the data was amalgamated and anonymous, they said it could not be released as it could be in use to investigate criminals proceedings, contain personal information or prejudice commercial interests!!