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Name and shame

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Dear Genene Wilson, IOPC,  

Thanks for your response, which seems identical to the previous one. 

I will therefore point out the same, that all your suggestions, numbered below, are entirely empty as the complaint was about new failings, backed up by new evidence, and as such, the Police (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2012 states that the complaint cannot be repetitious. Again, this is about misinformation and evidence in 2019. Please read the complaint. If it is not a repeat, it cannot be mostly aimed at the previous, or the same as it, reworded, changing only the officers, or an escalation. I am not sure how more simply I can put it. Again, this is about new misrepresentation, and new evidence, in 2019. 

My questions this time are: 

Why is the “Independent Office for Police Conduct” trying to protect misinformation published by senior officers / PCC? Misinformation that incredibly still is in place 3 months after I made Dorset Police aware, misleading the public and other decision makers about performance and funding of the police, here it is again:  https://www.dorset.police.uk/news-information/article/6850 ? Why regardless of anything else is the IOPC not informing Dorset Police that once an inaccuracy has been announced, and brought to their attention, they should correct or at least remove it? Why should high level serious incompetence or dishonesty (it has to be one or the other) allowed to simply continue? 

If anything this demonstrates that when the police / IPCC / IOPC ignore police failure, standards fail to improve. Please do not ignore it again. 

So again, if you consider this to be an abuse, please tell me what that abuse is, but it is not any of these because it can’t be: 

  1. “you have raised substantially and materially the same issues as previous”


  1. “It appears you have made this complaint as an attempt to challenge the outcome of your previous complaint and as an attempt to initiate a re-investigation into these matters and escalate your concerns” -


  1. “Re-wording the complaint or changing the officers complained against in a bid to re-open the complaint


  1. “Raising a new complaint into the police complaints system is not the appropriate avenue to challenge the outcome of your local investigation appeal or to initiate a re-investigation into previous complaint matters”


  1. To raise a further complaint, with a view of escalating your complaint against Dorset Police is a misuse of the complaints system.




Regards, Ian Belchamber