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To those in government / the Home Office - please can you fix policing in the UK

Please can the Home Office ensure there is a proper response to this.

Policing in the UK is broken. The regulation of policing (IOPC, Inspectorates, etc) is broken. When I say "broken", I do not mean "could do with improvement". I do not mean "could do with more resources". I mean corrupt, incompetent, wasteful and dishonest beyond levels that many would believe possible. And an establishment that covers up and protects these toxic failures.

For nearly 2 decades I have been studying the police from the perspective of a normal member of the public. What I have uncovered is not a "one off", a bad apple in an otherwise excellent service. What I have uncovered is a systematic abuse of policing principles that is endemic, normal, standard, across all levels of policing but most noticeably at the higher levels (Chief Constable, PCC).

And it is not just me. I have had many messages from those who have seen the realities of the police, and the same names seem to pop up regularly. And far more serious matters are mentioned than just corruption, but the patterns are similar, each time I read one for the first time it already seems familiar.

Full info is at www.dorsetspeed.org.uk, but I will just mention a fragment to give you a flavour of it. Sickeningly, it seems, those who have been put in to make the police accountable to the public are among the worst:

Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill: Covered up lies used to install a fraudulent speed camera and lies from Dorset Police about speed camera money. Covered up lies from Dorset Police about road safety effectiveness. Later he released lies himself about road safety effectiveness along with Dorset Chief Constable James Vaughan. He covered up the complaint that followed (thanks to Dorset Council sending the serious complaint about him back to himself!). Supported misinformation from Dorset Police misrepresenting a 40% increase in crime as a 5% reduction in Dorset. Breaks his own rules about speed camera money and sends some of it to a "charity" he is a trustee of. He has driven up the salary of the Chief Constable James Vaughan despite obviously collaborating with him on these and many other offences (and they are offences, not least, gross misconduct in public office).

Devon and Cornwall PCC Alison Hernandez: Covered up some of the same lies mentioned above by the same individuals and also Head of Alliance Road Safety Adrian Leisk. As APCC Road Safety Lead, she has protected corrupt and ineffective "road safety" activities against the public that will mean more killed and injured on the roads than if she was just being honest and resulting in £100,000,000 going down the drain every year in the UK. Ms Hernandez is supported by assistants such as Natalie Martin and Carol Reece who know full well they are protecting corruption in their coverups to the public.

I must also mention someone who has actually been a member of the Home Office, Dorset OPCC Chief Executive Simon Bullock. After the Home Office he became a PCC assistant in a role that was not advertised. He just recently lied about course money as a part of the coverup by the PCCs above about the lies they published and protected.

There is no excuse for the disgusting behaviour of those mentioned above and similar behaviour in any force I have looked at, but how on earth can the Home Office either allow things like this to be going on, or be so disconnected from the reality that they don't know? I do not believe that I am the only person who knows what is going on and has been blowing whistles for decades and been ignored.

It is no wonder then that there is constant bad news about the police. for example just recently 400,000 crimes lost, and "Hampshire 'toxic' police unit officers guilty of gross misconduct": If standards had been improved, instead of corruption covered up by Hampshire Police, IPCC etc when they became embroiled in Martyn Underhill's coverup a few years ago maybe this would never have happened. No wonder the police now talk about "achieving more offences"

And it is no wonder that road safety is in such a mess, with the largest "road safety education" scam imaginable being enforced onto the public, widespread ludicrous speed limit reductions, cars which now refuse to crash, coinciding with an end of long term road casualty reduction. It is this same mentality which has resulted in "smart motorways" which only seem to be smart at killing people and making money from them.

The same mentality that has resulted in millions being wasted on "covid travel schemes" and millions more being wasted taking them out.

The opportunities for improvement are incredible. To the government and Home Office, you need to sort this out. Failure to act will mean that YOU are responsible for the continuation of these appalling failures and offences - and that too will be gross misconduct in public office.

Ian Belchamber