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Home Secretary starts to see a fragment of the reality of policing in the UK

Following on from my previous articles the fallout from Operation Midland continues to grow.


"Former judge Howard Riddle is demanding a criminal inquiry into detectives who asked him to sign search warrants in the disastrous VIP child sex abuse inquiry"

"Sir Richard said: 'A district judge was knowingly misled into issuing search warrants.'  "

"If those responsible for the application knew facts that undermined the credibility of the witness, and did not disclose them, then the applications for search warrants would appear to amount to perverting the course of justice.  "

"It is also not clear to me why the investigation by the police watchdog, now known as the Independent Office for Police Conduct, did not take as its starting point the detailed factual findings of Sir Richard in his report.  "

"Sir Richard Henriques' letter to the Home Secretary makes a clear and compelling case that an independent police force investigate the conduct of Operation Midland by both the Metropolitan Police and the IOPC."

Good luck finding an "Independent" police force!! They all protect each other, just like Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, and Hampshire.

And now, Priti Patel demands MPs probe 'Nick' shambles. I strongly suspect that when Priti Patel starts to see the contents of the can of worms she may be opening she will firmly refit the lid and pretend it never happened.

"Sir Richard said in an article in the Mail: ‘There are reasonable grounds to believe that criminal acts have been committed.’ He also blasted officials at the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) watchdog for the way they handled an inquiry into the shambolic Operation Midland investigation. Sir Richard said the ‘apparent condoning of police criminality by its notional watchdog, will inevitably give rise to allegations of political manipulation of the police’, and of ‘an orchestrated cover-up’ and ‘corruption at the highest level’.  "

Exactly what I have been saying for decades, what a shame no one listened. Anyone who thinks or hopes that this behaviour is an exception in the UK police is deluded. You can find more history and proof of systematic incompetence, corruption and protection here than you could ever imagine  

You can see precisely, for example, how just recently, Genene Wilson at the IOPC protected the lies of Dorset PCC Martin Underhill and Chief Constable James Vaughan. You can see how ex Home Office PCC Chief Executive Simon Bullock lied about finances as part of his coverup of the same lies. And this is a tiny recent fragment of what just I have seen.

The truly worrying point is that if the realities that do leak out of the industrial strength protection around police corruption are this bad, what on earth else is going on?

Finally, if you had any doubts, just look at this: 

Investigations may lack data during three-month process to restore 200,000 police records | PublicTechnology.net

So the Chief of the Met at the time of this appalling failure has now been given the responsibility of reviewing the recent loss of 200,000 police records!!

And this on top of a £6m pension pot!!


Once again, you just couldn't make it up.

Ian Belchamber