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New Conservative Dorset PCC David Sidwick as corrupt as expected

I've now had a response from David Sidwick to my 3 simple questions, entirely as expected:

"I can advise that Mr Sidwick has reviewed your previous correspondence with this office and is well briefed on the matters you have raised. Mr Sidwick has decided that, as the substantial matter of your correspondence is repetitive and relating to your concerns about road safety matters, he wishes to maintain the stance described to you in the letter from the Chief Executive Simon Bullock dated 20 September 2019. That letter is attached for your reference. Therefore, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset will continue to refrain from responding to communication from you that in any way attempts to raise these same issues, or discuss these matters any further."

That letter of course contained lies from Chief Exec Simon Bullock (ex Home Office) about course money intended to assist covering up a previous coverup.

So with this simple brush-off, and the refusal from the person newly entrusted with making Dorset Police accountable to the public, to even look at 3 simple questions which clearly need answering no matter where they come from, the signals are crystal clear.

Like Martyn Underhill, I predict that David Sidwick will, where he has not already:

-Lie and protect lies from senior police to the public

-Coverup questionable financial activities and put himself into positions of remarkable conflict of interest

-Support and protect police activities that make a few £million (while continuing to lie that they don't) and result in higher casualties and deaths than competent honest policing

-Support services being sold to the public that don't work as described (in breach of The Supply of Goods And Services Act 1982)

-Misrepresent police performance and protect the misrepresentation of others

-Protect the corrupt legacy of his predecessors

-Drive up costs while standards and performance continue to fall

-Work cosily with the new Chief Constable more in their own interests than that of the public

-Continue to work cosily with other corrupt forces and PCCs (such as Alison Hernandez, Devon & Cornwall) to coverup and protect police waste, incompetence and corruption

-Continue to badly fail the public not just on road safety, but as I have heard from others, many areas including child protection

As I pointed out to David Sidwick, "when you properly expose corruption and incompetence in Dorset Police, you will expose protection and disinterest in it from Boris Johnson, Pretti Patel, MP Michael Tomlinson, Kit Malthouse, the IOPC, the Inspectorate of Constabulary, the Information Commissioner, Judges, neighbouring forces Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall, etc etc. That is too much for someone with a political career" - We do not stand a chance of proper policing until we get a genuine member of the public in the position, independent from politics AND just as importantly the police.

Here we are nearly 2 decades on from when I first identified and announced dysfunctional policing, starting a new chapter.

So, no surprises, business as normal for Dorset and Devon & Cornwall police.


Ian Belchamber