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Coverup, protection
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Prosecutions against Dorset Officials including (ex) Chief Constable James Vaughan and Dorset Council Corporate Director Jonathan Mair announced

I have over 20 years detailed the appalling levels of corruption in the Dorset Authorities, but experienced like many others, complete shutdown by the establishment.

A year ago I became aware of other failures such as child protection and as eventually had to happen, it seems as if progress is finally being made:

Children at risk part1

Children at risk part2

"Norfolk Legal Services has informed me that private prosecutions on those named have been signed off by the court and will be served on the individuals involved on or after the 19th October"


Although the core subjects of our investigations are quite different (mine started about the incompetence and corruption in “road safety”), the ingredients are painfully familiar:

- the names

- the coverup and protection

- the abuse and suppression of whistle-blowers

- the abuse of the Freedom of Information process, current example here , 2 years so far trying to dodge the fact that a false statement was published

 - the lies, conflicts of interest, timewasting

- senior people vanishing, evidence vanishing

- downright incompetence

- collusion with Devon and Cornwall

- the uselessness of the IPCC / IOPC, HMICFRS, MPs and government

- protection right up to the highest levels including Judges: at every step of escalation, it seems to be more “convenient” to just dig the hole a little deeper than to admit that things went wrong and everyone before has done wrong and knowingly protected the failures of others.

Having seen for myself how James Vaughan (featuring through a large part of the history detailed at www.dorsetspeed.org.uk) and Jonathan Mair (protecting corrupt PCC Martyn Underhill http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/2015/panel.aspx) operate, the action announced will be extremely interesting and potentially a crucial step in starting to fix corruption, incompetence, and vast waste of tax payers money in Dorset and wider, and of course as we now know, the needless suffering of abused children.


Watch this space.


Ian Belchamber