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Next video released about corrupt Dorset

Mike: Dorset Council "malfeasance in office" or "official abuse of power"

The next stage in the shocking revelations about Dorset Council, Police etc. This is going to become one of the biggest scandals ever in the UK. So far just the regular names mentioned, Dorset council leaders Jonathan Mair, Spencer Flower, Matt Prosser, Theresa Leavy, ex Chief Constable James Vaughan, but more about the police coming soon.

One of the points made is that someone who knows about abuse, is in a position to be able to do something but chooses not to, and worse, to protect the abusers, is just as bad as abusers themselves.

Also interesting to hear about the "walls" that appear when you start digging into the police and the council, just like all the other behaviour, so familiar to me have seen for myself these levels of corruption in Dorset for 20 years. Also the greed, individuals being paid for 2 jobs at the same time, etc. Yes, these are the kinds of people we trust with 100s of millions of our public money. No wonder costs go up and services are cut.

Also sad to think that that if anyone had listened to me, MPs, the IPCC / IOPC, HMICFRS, politicians, Home Secretary, Policing Minister, etc, etc, our public authorities might have been pulled out of the gutter years ago and this particular abuse and many like it might have been properly and quickly dealt with at the start.

Instead, even now, the victims are in danger. It is starting to look like the new mob at Dorset Police (PCC David Sidwick and Chief Constable Scott Chilton) are just as bad. Certainly when I wrote to them when they started about what they were getting into, they stuck their heads firmly in the sand like all the others.

Anyway I am delighted we now have someone like Mike smashing away at the towers of corruption, incompetence and waste in Dorset. Well done Mike, keep up the excellent work.

Ian Belchamber