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Ian Belchamber and Martyn Underhill on Radio Solent

Following the dismissal of my complaint and the press release of Martyn Underhill, we were asked to comment on Radio Solent.

Initial extract - Intro, Ian Belchamber


Second extract - Martyn Underhill


"What he wants to do is remove speed cameras from the face of the earth"

No. Speed limits are an important part of road safety and they are of no value unless enforced. I have nothing against proportionate, honest and competent use of speed cameras.

"To mislead you've got to deceive"

What about the multiple lies about the Speed on Green?

"only one person I'm allowed to investigate"

So if you had found that someone had behaved fraudulently other than Martin Baker, you would not have been allowed to investigate it? Ridiculous.

"Actually we don't have ten staff, that stopped years ago and we don't pay them £52K"

It's years ago we're talking about because Dorset Police have totally obstructed the simple question. I have given this as an example to demonstrate the absurdity of the top level figures I was given for staffing of the course of £520,000. It might have been 5 staff on £104K. Why won't you just tell us what it was?

"that's the problem with Mr Belchamber, he keeps misenterpreting figures"

The FOI response I was sent:

"The cost per attendee of providing a Driver Awareness Scheme course is £73. This is based on the provision of 20,000 courses per annum at a total cost of £1,457.8m, as follows:

Staffing Cost £522,300


"Ian keeps getting confused over figures"

I don't think so, but how about properly explaining them?

"Speed cameras where there isn't a record of serious accident of death, are they acceptable? No, they're not, they are there to keep people safe and I don't want them used as a cash cow"

Perhaps Mr Underhill is confused. He has said Dorset Police did nothing wrong, when they made a £million at a zero KSI location, and then says that this is unacceptable. How does that make any sense?

"But to be fair this camera came in and went out before PCCs even arrived"

I'm not blaming you for the camera, I'm blaming you for extending the cover up about it when you yourself recognise that it was unacceptable

"Brought in by Poole Council, it's them who should be answering these questions, not me"

The indifference of Martyn Underhill to this scam in which Dorset Police played a crucial part and made a £ million out of is absolutely appalling

"What I want to do is to try and move forward"

You have to properly deal with the issues I have raised first. Dorset Police will not be trusted until you do. And one of the fundamental needs for effective road safety work is trust and confidence from the public.

"we made a million from courses last year but policing cost 5.3, so there's no money being made"

I already pay for policing. And this is no excuse for maximising enforcement / course income and being dishonest about the finances.