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A 30 limit where normal safe driving typically involves driving up the short dual carriageway section (30 limit) at 45-50, and then naturally reducing speed to 35-40 along the straight as the dual carriageway filters to a single lane. The 30 limit on the dual carriageway is completely inappropriate and therefore completely ignored by all drivers.

The van sits opposite the factory targeting cars just coming over the hill and still virtually on the dual carriageway or in the very wide part of the road as the lanes merge. The natural safe speed of the road here is way above the 30 limit. Pedestrian activity is virtually nil (certainly at the times the DSCP are there). This is a good thing as the van, where it is parked, is completely blocking the pavement on one side therefore forcing pedestrians to walk in the road!! Still, who cares about safety, there's some good cash to be made here. 

I know someone who was caught here twice on consecutive days. This is a great strategy: keep people “offending” for as many times as possible before the NIPs start arriving in the post a couple of weeks later, so you can get people not once but 2 or 3 times. Keep them speeding for as long as possible. Cameras for safety? If it was not so serious, it would be laughable.