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Yet more staggering incompetence at Dorset Road Safe


A driver who received 3 fines for “speeding” at the Greed on Green camera in Poole appeared in court shortly before Christmas.


The prosecution, in a staggering display of incompetence, did not bring the correct evidence and had to borrow the evidence provided by the driver!


Then, 2 out of the 3 alleged “offences” were thrown out as the driver / number plate were not visible!


This is very serious. This is the only court case result I’ve heard about so far, and 66% of the NIPS should never even have been sent out. It therefore follows, that hundreds, possibly thousands, of other drivers may have received NIPs who should not have. Some have lost their licenses due to “offences” at the greed on green.


It is very important that all drivers who have been caught here ask for the evidence and look at it carefully, even if the case has passed. It is clear that the obsession with getting fines out is not just getting in the way of common sense and decency, it’s actually perverting the course of justice.


Dorset Road Safe must be investigated and shut down immediately.