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More nonsense from Tony Trent


 Extracted from the above web page, earliest post at top:
Tony Trent, Poole says...
4:57pm Tue 28 Jun 11
An innocent pedestrian or cyclist will die as a result of this likely removal of a camera. That of course won't matter to the self centred "clarksonite" motorists who protest so loudly. With a hotel about to be built opposite the station, and the need for better non car access in the area, there is an urgent need to calm the traffic approaching the Hunger Hill gyratory and give pedestrians and cyclists greater priority in this vicinity. We cannot go on giving in to four wheel thugs just because they shout loudest and influence the politically ambitious.

dorsetspeed, Poole says...
7:59pm Tue 28 Jun 11
Oh dear, Tony Trent again. He pops up with the same nonsense, gets totally outclassed by evidence, facts and common sense, ends up not being able to say much more than "I just trust my judgement" and goes quiet, then comes back like a yapping dog with the same nonsense over again. Such it seems is the mentality of those supporting cameras.
Tony, before going around the loop and being proved an idiot for the 4th or 5th time, how about properly completing the last debate? I've recorded it for you at

And just to comment on your points, no cyclists or peds were killed at this location before the camera was installed (at least 10 years), and while the speed limit was much higher, which is hardly surprising as there are safe off road pavements and cycle paths, and barriers, on both sides, and if this changes in the future, than that will be the time to revise speed limits. And I know that you are biologically incapable of understanding this point, but those who want to speed can do as they please and just slow as the go past the camera!
Here's a word of advice if you want to be taken seriously: Don't say or write things which are clearly nonsense! I or nobody else cannot say for sure that anyone will or won't get killed here with or without a camera.

Tony Trent, Poole says...
12:46am Wed 29 Jun 11
Go tell that to the family of a future victim. Speed kills. Of that there is no doubt. A car ploughing into a pedestrian or cyclist at 50mph is going to be a lot worse than one going at 30mph and possibly able to stop. The end of the Holes Bay Road approaching Hunger Hill, at a point where the number of non motorists crossing will go up without doubt, should be 30mph. Get real and SLOW DOWN!! The World should not revolve around the selfish speed freak!
dorsetspeed, Poole says...
8:56am Wed 29 Jun 11
Just as I thought, Tony chose to prove himself an idiot again. Tony, you won’t find anyone for or against speed cameras who will agree with you that an accident won’t happen if the camera stays and it will happen if it goes. Yes an ped incident at 50 will be very nasty and one at 30 may not be. But an incident at 5, or better still 0, may not be nasty at all, so can you see that the only logic you seem to be able to comprehend simply suggests we should ban cars? That logic doesn’t seem to work.
I’ll point it out again, there are MASSIVE speed limit inconsistencies, and I see you’ve chosen not to comment on the 50 limit through the PC world shopping center. I’ve pointed out many others and explained why, which you’ve also ignored. If you think 40 on a wide safe dual carriageway is being a “speed freak” you really need to get out more.
This is the clearest example I’ve seen of the “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts” syndrome with seen of all the Dorset “Authorities”.
Accidents are emotional events, but road safety decision making must accept that there will be deaths and must use logic, evidence, facts, and common sense to find the best compromise, and absolutely not personal opinion or emotion. All we see from Tony is personal opinion and emotion, and a mind-blowing capability to ignore / avoid the facts, evidence and common sense.
The way intelligent debate works is that participants absorb information, and either accept points made, or offer an explanation as to why they don’t accept those points.
Let’s try again Tony. Rather than just repeating “someone’s going to die” with your fingers in your ears, try reading some of the points made, and engaging with them. You might be very surprised by what you find.
As I’ve said before, it is truly worrying that the council allows such incapable and incompetent people to take part in important decision making but not all that surprising. This is one of the reasons that Dorset is amongst the poorest performing councils in casualty reduction.