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More nonsense from Mike Penning / DfT

As well as support from the public, one of the things that motivates me to continue to reveal the nonsense we have in Dorset is that a number of those addressed ARE capable of listening, thinking, and questioning what does not appear to be right.


Annette Brooke asked the DfT about driver awareness courses:


Annette Brooke: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what the fee levels are for driver awareness courses in the six highest charging authorities; and what assessment he has made of the compliance of such fees with the requirement to charge on a non-profit basis. [63698]

Mike Penning: The Department for Transport does not hold information concerning fee levels for driver awareness courses in the six highest charging authorities or the level of fees in relation to costs. Driver awareness courses are organised by local police forces and it would be for them to respond on this. The Department strongly supports a national framework and has been keen to encourage all police forces to participate in this, which allows motorists to take courses in their local area and should also provide greater consistency of course fees.

What a dismal response, DfT seems to just have a few ideas it is keen about, but does nothing about them and knows nothing about what goes on. Paying for enforcements with the proceeds from cameras and courses (exactly what the DfT tried to stop in 2007) seems to be the new way forward, but the DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT knows nothing about what is being charged, or what the courses cost to provide.
What exactly is the purpose of the DfT if it knows nothing and does nothing?