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An example of ridiculous speed limit reduction, Dorset Way

Have a look at the council justification for the Dorset Way reduction, a comedy of ignorance, false assumption and incompetence: They claimed an average measured speed of 62.5 MPH. Referring to the comment “which requires factors to be taken into account such as the measured mean speed, driver perception as to the characteristics of the road” they then wrote “As mentioned in 3.2 above mean speeds are to be used as the basis for setting speed limits.”! And then they set the limit 20% below the mean measured speed, completely ignoring the point about driver perception, and criminalising the normal safe respectful behaviour of the vast majority of drivers. Needless to say the police are highly supportive of these ridiculous limit reductions against the principles mentioned by the DfT which recognises that when limits are too low, compliance will suffer – this is the reality.

So when they tell you “speed limits are set for a reason”, they are right, unfortunately, that reason is now only councillors picking small numbers out of a hat and then making them smaller. Councillors with no qualifications or connection with the public or the real world, like Steve Tite, who seemed to be more concerned with "leaving a mark" than serving the public (cringe)

Poole Council then patted themselves on the back with one of the most ridiculous things I have seen – an assumption that the collision reductions seen was totally due to the speed limit reduction without considering any other factors – regression to mean, random variation, negative trend, traffic volumes / congestion, etc, etc. And incredibly, they decided that the 27% reduction seen at a control site was “not significant” – talk about cherry picking the convenient results! I’ve seen some nonsense from the police and councils but has to be some of the best. Seem familiar? Yes, just like Underhill and Vaughan, mind you, we are talking about people like Martin Baker at Poole Council who seemed to think that closing down a camera that was making a £million a year was a good way to cut costs!