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Misrepresentation of the year award 2020: Martyn Underhill and Dorset Police

The rate at which the deceptions flow from Underhill and his force is starting to be hard to keep up with, and here we have, incredibly, yet another, an absolute gem, and totally deserving of this prestigious award achieved single-handedly, on this occasion without the assistance of Devon & Cornwall or Hampshire.

And it is good to see new faces coming through continuing this tradition in Dorset Police, this time Deputy Chief Constable Scott Chilton. Let's not forget also the excellent recent contribution from Sam de Reya, recently appointed Assistant Chief Constable and chair of the Dorset Road "Safe" Partnership, who plucked a 20% KSI reduction out of the air with remarkable indifference to the inconvenient facts. It seems that Dorset Police is securing its future for many more awards.

I just noticed some remarkably good news from Dorset Police:


"The Force has continued to see a drop in overall crime."

“The excellent work done by all our officers and staff to keep our communities safe is reflected in this reduction. All crime matters to our communities and we will maintain our focus on providing an outstanding service to the people of Dorset, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Reducing crime is important to everyone and I hope this will help to reassure our communities that we are working with them and partners to focus on what matters.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said: “This is great news for Dorset residents, as these figures demonstrate that not only do they live in one of the UK’s safest counties, but one in which crime levels are dropping. “I’d like to praise the dedication of all our officers, staff members and volunteers who have worked so hard through this very difficult period to keep people safe.”


"These figures represent an extraordinary turnaround for the Force and I want to praise every officer and member of staff who has worked so hard to make this incredible reduction happen." ...

"I will be continuing to work closely with senior officers during my remaining time in office to make sure that wherever possible we can capitalise on this reduction and ensure the trend continues.”

Wow, well done Dorset Police, well done Mr Underhill. But I thought I'd have a look at a few more years than just 2, and see what's really happening.

Previous years are available here:

I found results from 2014:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is that slight single year dip at the end of a long and almost straight line upwards that the police are so excited about!!

So Mr Underhill is thrilled by this 5% drop but has failed to tell us that, including this drop, since 2014 (about the time he would have started to have an influence) crime has risen by over 40%!!!!

"The Force has continued to see a drop in overall crime." -- WHAT?!

And of course, when it goes up, it is not because of poor police performance but "people’s enhanced confidence in reporting crime to us, the improvements we have made in our crime recording systems ..." It is easy to find such comments, for example https://www.dorset.police.uk/news-information/article/1100
And when crime goes down, it might not just be due to the police, there are other factors, such as perhaps the fact that in the last year we have had a significant proportion of lockdown!!

I've seen some shocking nonsense from Underhill and Dorset Police but this has got to be some of the best. It follows the now familiar pattern of fabricating success which doesn't exist from the simplest data and then claiming the entire benefit of that success when even if it did exist, it would have been more likely to have resulted from something else.

This can no longer be explained by "error" or misfortune. Underhill has covered up complaints about misrepresentation over and over again and just keeps on doing it himself now. This is deliberate. The person entrusted with making the police accountable to the public in Dorset is instead doing everything he can to make the police unaccountable, and is lying, again and again, about the performance of the force he is responsible for to coverup also the poor and deteriorating performance of Dorset Police.

And he can get away with it (for the time being) because the Dorset Police and Crime panel, IOPC, HM Inspectorate of constabulary, etc etc are just as bad.

And all this at a time when we need the greatest trust, efficiency, honesty and collaboration and even more incredibly, before the dust has even settled on the previous coverup of the previous blatant lies:

Previous article:

Coverup of the year award 2020, Mr Underhill, Ms Hernandez, PCCs, Dorset and Devon & Cornwall Police, assisted by Simon Bullock and Carol Reece. I’ve seen some coverups but this one is an absolute classic and deserves a special mention http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/2020/oct_ib.aspx

Ian Belchamber