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My questions for PCC candidates in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall

Please follow links in the text for background, evidence and analysis.

1. Do you agree that policing must have at its foundation the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and honesty? Even more so at senior levels but above all else with those entrusted to make the police accountable to the public, PCCs?

2. Do you agree that PCCs work for the public, not the police? Do you agree that independence from the police is crucial, that PCCs should be free to make the right decision for the public regardless of what it may mean for the force or individuals within it?

3. Do you agree that there should be absolutely no conflict of interest, or any perception of it, particularly at senior levels and most certainly with PCCs?

4. Do you agree that the PCC should be driving up quality, effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism in the force, or is it ok for them to fabricate success instead, and when found out, to just cover it all up and leave lies in place?

5. Do you believe that it is ok for the PCC Chief Executive (Simon Bullock, ex Home Office) to say in a formal complaint response that "no police force makes money from its driver awareness scheme" when that force put in a lost income claim of £ 1/2 million when it couldn't run courses for just 4 months?

6. Do you think it is satisfactory that in the UK, every year, about a million people take a speed / driver awareness course meaning that £100,000,000 every year is consumed, and about 2500 person years of productivity (roughly enough to run a force like Dorset) when the only proper independent study that has been done could not find any actual casualty reduction benefit?

7. Do you agree that in Dorset, a particular mockery is made on "driver education" as uniquely, Dorset does not take part in the national scheme and keeps ALL the money?

8. Do you find it astonishing that with the Chief Constable James Vaughan and PCC Martyn Underhill clearly promoting "driver education", and some of this money finding its way to "Charity" Safewise, that these same 2 people are on the board of trustees of that "Charity"? Do you agree that this could "cloud their judgement" about whether they should continue with courses or do something effective instead which might save lives?

9. Do you therefore agree that this greed and distraction with money making is costing lives?

10. Is it ok for the PCC to protect lies from the police and council about enforcement activities and where the money goes?

11. Continuing with the subject of fabrication of false success, do you agree that it is ok for PCCs to keenly support a report that announces a small single year reduction of 5% (which was probably partly due to covid) when the reality is that during Martyn Underhill's time as PCC, including this drop, crime is up by over 40%?

12. Is it ok for the PCCs of neighbouring forces (Martyn Underhill, Dorset, and Alison Hernandez, Devon and Cornwall) to join together to protect each other and their forces against police lies, corruption and incompetence?

13. Is it ok for the PCC (Alison Hernandez) who has the particular responsibility for road safety to protect money making activities for the police when this will result in more people killed and injured than doing something effective?

14. Is it ok for the police regulators, IOPC, HMICRFS, to ignore and protect all of this serious misconduct, as Sir Richard Henriques put it about Operation Midland, "the apparent condoning of police criminality by its notional watchdog, will inevitably give rise to allegations of political manipulation of the police, an orchestrated cover-up and corruption at the highest level".

15. Will you, if you are voted in, get to grips with these realities, do what the PCC is primarily meant to do, and without fear of favour, hold the force and the Chief Constable to account, make the force accountable to the public, and do what is best for the public?

I will await any responses with interest, I have plenty more questions...

Ian Belchamber