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My questions to new Dorset Chief Constable Scott Chilton

Dear Mr Chilton,

Congratulations on your appointment as new Dorset Chief Constable. I would like to know, what kind of CC will you be? Will you be doing everything you can to protect the public, putting the public first, ensuring the highest levels of service and efficiency? Or will you be following in the footsteps of previous Dorset CCs, promoting your own interests, and protecting yourself and those around you from public scrutiny? I think I already know the answer, the new PCC, Conservative David Sidwick has already clearly indicated that the incompetence, waste, corruption and protection will continue, but I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

Let's have a quick look at departing CC James Vaughan. Together with previous PCC Martyn Underhill, he presided over an astonishing catalogue of lies, corruption, waste and protection, some of which is detailed here. And now after paying him a totally unjustifiable salary (even if he had done a good job) the public must pay for his generous pension at an age most of us could only dream about retiring. It won't surprise me if he comes back as PCC to make even more (just as Martyn Underhill did).

And it's not just me, when you expose police incompetence and corruption you will hear from others with similar experiences in other areas, even child protection. The subject may be completely different but the characteristics and behaviours are instantly familiar, initial incompetence followed by protection so that no-one will receive any blame, which then spreads all over like a nasty virus. Those who recognise and report failure not thanked but totally shut down by the "authorities". Any amount of effort available to dodge, avoid and cover up but not 5 minutes to look at and respond to simple questions or facts. Failure protected and repeated over and over. Lessons not learned. Not just a police force but an entire network of protected corruption, incompetence and waste across many forces (for example Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall), and not just the police but councils, "Independent" complaints organisations, judges, etc etc. And all the while, injury, death and suffering that could have been avoided continuing instead.

And this is not just a local issue, just look at the Met, with the disaster-prone Cressida Dick staying on regardless of how many times she gets it wrong and one of the most ludicrous examples of failure being rewarded, "commander" Steve Rodhouse who was at the centre of the shocking Operation Midland fiasco now the Director general at the National Crime Agency and costing us about 1/4 £ million a year! You couldn't make it up. I've seen such failures in any force I've looked at.

The police do not need more money. What they are desperately lacking is professionalism, accountability, transparency, competence, honesty, decency.

Mr Chilton, PCC Dave Sidwick has stuck his head in the sand, are you any different? Will you answer my 3 simple questions that David Sidwick dodged? (in doing so, referring to a response containing lies from the OPCC Chief Exec ex home office Simon Bullock trying to shut me down).

Regards, Ian Belchamber


















briefly taking a ludicrous salary, then a ludicrous pension at an age