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Police corruption, incompetence and waste, update September 2021

So much to mention, struggling to keep up again.

The transition to the new regime at Dorset Police seems complete, not only have the new PCC Conservative David Sidwick and new Chief Constable Scott Chilton immediately demonstrated that they will coverup and protect previous incompetence, waste and corruption, they even seem to have stepped up the ridiculous practice of putting unqualified and usually elderly people out in the traffic which is only likely to increase aggression and danger. It is only a matter of time before one of these people, presumably misinformed about the benefits of this nonsense by Dorset Police gets run down.

I see that Brian Austin, "Road Safety Operations Manager" , actually one of the biggest reasons for road safety failure over the last decade is still in his position, he has also lied about the objectives and existence of speed camera money including in a freedom of information response.

And I have heard no change about the Driver Awareness Course scam which wastes £100,000,000 a year in the UK and about 2000 person years of productivity but does support a network of non-jobs, and money directly to the person who should be the most impartial (PCC). David Sidwick has refused to answer if he will stop this remarkable conflict of interest.

As I have announced and as the HMICFRS has recently confirmed, these failures do not just apply to road safety, they apply to other perhaps even more shocking responsibilities such as child protection.

Apart from the PCC and CC, the others who have been informed now and who are ignoring it and allowing it to continue include the IOPC, HMICFRS, Home Secretary Priti Patel, Policing Minister Kit Malthouse, MP Michael Tomlinson, and of course Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Their simple action of ignoring and therefore protecting these crimes is as bad as the original failures and the crimes themselves as the consequences of them will continue when they would otherwise be stopped.

I cannot provide the details yet but you will find countless examples of similar behaviour by the police here:  http://www.dorsetspeed.org.uk/

Over the years we have seen that Dorset is not alone in failing the public instead of protecting them, when there are complaints against the police, the IOPC simply bounces the complaint back to the same force to deal with!! The force will usually hand it to a neighbouring force so that the complaint might be seen to be handled "independently". Naturally these forces simply protect each other, as  Hampshire did a few years ago, protecting lies, false accounting, etc by Dorset Police . Having keenly agreed that figures "did not stack up", the "Head of Professional Standards" then delayed for a year, wrote there was nothing wrong, "retired" and vanished even before Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill allowed me to see the report and question it!

Naturally Hampshire then covered up the complaint about that.

With this background in mind, it should come as no surprise that Hampshire have been fining people for years with at least one "faulty" speed camera Things like this simply would not happen if the police were honest, open, competent, and acting in the public interest. The claim that this is about safety is just sickening and a horrible insult to those killed and injured on the roads. It is about making money with any claims that it is not obviously blatant lies.

And we see yet another astonishing indication of the appalling state of the UK Police. The stack of failure and protection under "Dame" Cressida Dick has now been  rewarded with another 2 years in the position

So it is not surprising, the rot goes to the top, including the Home Secretary, Policing Minister and Prime Minister.

All they seem to know how to do (apart from all the sleaze, etc) is to take more money off us and throw it around. They are oblivious (or maybe just pretend to be) about waste and corruption in the police, councils, NHS and probably everywhere else. And why do we seem to have bottomless pits of money when it comes to ridiculous spend on roads mostly resulting in more congestion or danger such as "smart" motorways and unused cycle lanes?

None of this however excuses the behaviour of Dorset Police, the other forces I have named over the years and probably all the others.

Ian Belchamber