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Dorset Police Chief Constable Scott Chilton runs away from Dorset Police corruption

Time and time again, when it looks like things might be getting "tricky", senior police have moved on or "retired" and this usually (with the help of the PCCs, Councils, IOPC etc) is enough to protect them, here are just 4 examples that I have seen.

You can see that in the last example above, when someone dodges / vanishes etc. they will then be protected by their Chief Constable / force, like Andy Marsh protected "Head of Professional Standards" Colin Smith, who (next to ex Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill) protected ex Dorset Chief Constable Martin Baker who also vanished just as a complaint of mine against him was accepted by the (then) IPCC.

So Hampshire is just as corrupt as Dorset. I am sure Scott Chilton will get along fine there. I won't hold my breath for the next Dorset CC to actually do some good for the public rather than themselves.

Scott Chilton knows about the emerging scandal in Dorset. He knows about the abused children and the network of protection around it by the very individuals and organisations with the specific duty to protect children and all of the public. And yet still, nothing has been done to put this right, and instead of ending this abuse and dealing with the multitude of corrupt and incompetent officials, Scott Chilton is just running away. We'll be seeing a sudden increase in "retirements", "reassignments", "resignations" etc in Dorset in the next months.

The PCC of Hampshire Donna Jones also knows, she now seems to be providing the rat leaving the sinking ship with a lifeboat to the next ship to be infested. She must know that an investigation is running against him for malfeasance, misconduct, etc. and highly likely to result in a private prosecution.

So, business as usual in Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall, etc.

How timely then that the HMICFRS (who have also been included on these articles and therefore informed about a string of corruption in Dorset) should be announcing that tackling workforce corruption "requires improvement" in Dorset! That gets my 2022 award for understatement of the year. But does the "workforce" include the senior levels of the police, the "Professional Standards" departments, the anti-corruption departments, the Assistant and Chief Constables, the PCCs? I don't think so and this is where the real corruption / incompetence problem dominates. The HMICFRS seem oblivious or in denial that things could be so bad, they just need to open their eyes.

To keep up with the child abuse case, here is the next video further exposing the uselessness, and the corrupt protection of that uselessness in our local authorities:


And still, incredibly, no one in Dorset Police / Council have done anything to remove these children from danger.