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Update 2017
Coverup, protection
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Name and shame

Dorset Speed facebook group was shut down!!
Here is the link to the new group

Difficult to keep up with the flow of information further demonstrating examples of the shocking state of our police / councils etc.

Who is in charge? Why is no one listening? Why is no one being sacked? How about the policing minister Kit Malthouse for example? What does he actually do?

David Sidwick (who has protected corrupt previous Dorset PCC / CC)  seems incompetent

Devon and Cornwall in special measures - I've been exposing the corruption and incompetence of this force (protected by PCC Alison Hernandez) for years, why has the HMICFRS only just now realised it needs help? How much more time will it take for Dorset to be added to this list?

And today, Hundreds - if not thousands - of police officers who should have failed vetting checks may be serving in England and Wales


Want to know how low our police have sunk? Ask the senior officer who recently told me she'd been repeatedly sexually assaulted... by a male colleague, writes NAZIR AFZAL, former chief prosecutor for north-west England


And as the shocking situation in Dorset continues to unravel, the covers are coming off how the Council, police etc manage to keep corruption, incompetence and waste protected by shutting down those who challenge them such as myself next video, Dorset MOSAIC blacklist


Ian Belchamber