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Dorset PCC David Sidwick supporting the ridiculous "Community Speed Watch" scheme

Following the prompt indication from David Sidwick when he started as PCC that he would coverup and protect the lies and protection of previous Dorset Police corruption and failure, many will have seen his recent item "Community Speed Watch: keeping Dorset’s roads safe ".  

The level of delusion is demonstrated by his "analysis": "In 2022, Dorset’s Community Speed Watch teams held 1,422 sessions which equates to roughly 4,266 hours given up by volunteers. Through these hours the teams recorded 12,125 incidents where drivers exceeded the speeding threshold and warning letters were sent to 9,783 people. Only 34 of these were instances where the driver was hand delivered their third and final warning giving reassurance that the letters do work to reduce speeding."

We can add this to the long list of misinformation and nonsense that continuously comes from Dorset Police / PCC. For any driver, there is a small and fairly random probability of being detected by a CSW operation. There is therefore a smaller chance of being caught twice and an even smaller chance of being caught 3 times. So of course the number of 3rd warnings will be a small fraction of the number of first warnings!!!

All I have ever noticed when I see these ridiculous schemes in operation is increased confrontation, aggression and distraction, in fact I nearly collided with one of them once on my bicycle when looking the other way they keenly jumped out into a cycle path to catch a car coming the other way. It seems far more likely that someone is going to get hurt than any road safety benefit will come from this nonsense.

No effectiveness whatsoever about anything can be determined from this information and yet here we have again the person entrusted with policing the police simply protecting their misguided, ineffective and corrupt activities.

Not surprising as anything that can add to the attention about "speeding" (which can now mean doing 21MPH!!!) will add to the £ millions landing on David Sidwick's doormat every year, which appears neither in the PCC accounts or the Dorset Police accounts.

And if you try to find out where the money goes, you will be ignored, as I have been many times  including this last time
Once again we see information coming from a senior well paid PCC which can only be:
a) proof that his capabilities / understanding are not sufficient to be responsible even for buying pencils for Dorset Police, or
b) he knows full well that he is making up false information to add to the overall deception that results in millions being paid directly to him that are not properly and transparently declared even when asked.


Ian Belchamber