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PCC Martyn Underhill driving up costs of policing again while he continues to drive down standards

The primary purpose of a PCC is to get the most out of the police for the public. Thankfully, we won't have Martyn Underhill as PCC for much longer but he should go down in history as the person who consistently did the exact opposite - getting the most out of the public for the police.

In my last message I detailed the astonishing revelation that:

1. Even those who don't "break the law" or even receive driver courses have to pay for them (all of us),

2. This is due to a "lost income claim" for course income which the Dorset OPCC says doesn't exist and is against the rules (to coverup misrepresentation of finances) when it is receiving about £10k a day for them.

3. The course is sold to the public as a casualty reduction effort when it doesn't achieve any identifiable reduction in casualty, and indeed simply cannot.

4. Some of this money finds its way to Safewise, a "Charity" with Martyn Underhill and CC James Vaughan as trustees, a blatant and totally unacceptable conflict of interest, making it quite unattractive for them to bin the course and do something effective for road safety instead, this corruption therefore costing lives.

We now hear that MU is again increasing the police precept. Many might be forgiven for thinking that these are the actions of a competent and honest person with a full grip on the responsibilities already having squeezed every drop out of reducing waste and maximising efficiency and competence of Dorset Police. Now let's look at a sample of the unfortunate reality of MU's time as PCC:

1. Martyn Underhill covered up lies about one of the most lucrative speed cameras ever installed, for the purpose of "casualty reduction" where there was no casualty. When I exposed that lie, it was changed to another, "community concern", but when he looked for evidence he found that it had been "lost", and still concluded everything was ok.

2. Martyn Underhill covered up lies from Dorset Police about driver awareness course money and effectiveness of "road safety" efforts by Dorset Police. And he kept digging and digging, ultimately corrupting the IOPC, Information Commissioner and Tribunal, Hampshire Police and even the Judicial Ombudsman Perhaps if this complaint had been dealt with properly instead of being covered up by all including the IOPC, ICFRS, MPs, etc, standards may have improved and this shocking news may not have occurred Hampshire 'toxic' police unit officers guilty of gross misconduct One day it WILL be Dorset.

3. Martyn Underhill (and CC James Vaughan) lied about road safety results and covered up the resulting complaint, this was a joint effort with Devon and Cornwall police and PCC Alison Hernandez.

4. Dorset Police and Martyn Underhill lied about crime reduction, presenting a 40% rise as a 5% fall

5. James Vaughan (current Chief Constable and previous ACC) has played an equal part in much of this serious corruption. Martyn Underhill has rapidly increased his salary from £155K to £170K, totally excessive and unjustifiable even for someone with the highest integrity and performance.

We can only hope that the next PCC will be honest and competent and not continue protecting all the serious misconduct at senior levels in Dorset Police, and will start to take the lid off these and no doubt many other serious failures and identify all those who have acted against the public interest and principles of policing. Hopefully then we will start to see an improvement at Dorset Police and other forces, such as Hampshire and Devon and Cornwall.


Ian Belchamber