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UK Police and Government - a total embarrassment

In my investigations and articles over the last 2 decades I have exposed behaviour in local police forces such as Dorset, Hampshire and Devon and Cornwall that some may have dismissed as being utterly impossible in such a civilised country as England. I have simply followed my nose and ended up at the inevitable conclusion that this behaviour is widespread and normal.

You can see a year ago I wrote about the Home Office turning a blind eye to the police lying and failing to protect the public. Obviously, there was no response or action.

Since then, we have all had a real taste of what really goes on in government and the Met Police and despite the depths to which this seems to be going it is entirely consistent with everything I have written over the last 20 years. We can now see that the primary UK police force is a cesspit of shocking lawless behaviour, corruption, protection, coverup and waste.  Even our "prime minister" seems to have an addiction to lying

What has not come yet, but will, is the realisation that this is not just Boris, not just Cres, not just the government or the Met, but a permanent disease that is widespread through the police, councils, other public authorities and organisations.  

It is no surprise that the government extended the contract of Cressida Dick after a catalogue of failure and protection and in her last days she hushed the report from Sue Gray. Now she is likely to be rewarded for her failure with an obscene payoff.

But nothing changes. While I am paying Boris his wages, all he seems to be working on is clinging to his job. Perhaps if he was actually working for the public he would not be losing 50 billion a year to fraud, no doubt some of that through his and his colleagues' own sleaze.

But with losses that would wipe out entire industries no one will even lose their job and when money is needed no improvements are sought, taxes just go up.

It is within this framework, this pantomime of stupidity, carelessness, dishonesty and selfishness, that it becomes believable that it is the entire system that is corrupt, wasteful and incompetent, millions are spent on "smart motorways" that kill, "sustainable transport schemes" that drive down productivity, clog up traffic and increase pollution, forcing the change to electric cars and home heating but without dealing with the demand for electricity, etc, etc. All this is one tiny angle on everything that has been going on.

All this is normal. Replacing Cressida Dick with someone else won't fix it, they will be just as corrupt and incompetent, it's how it's always been, always will be.

For example in Dorset we have a new Chief Constable Scott Chilton and a new PCC, David Sidwick (Conservative). But instead of fixing widespread waste, corruption, incompetence, lies and coverup, they are protecting and prolonging it, by ignoring and dodging . Even on matters of child protection when abuse is carrying on EVERY DAY they ignore it

Those who should be fixing policing, such as the IOPC, HMICFRS, MP Michael Tomlinson, Policing Minister Kit Malthouse, Home Secretary Priti Patel and Prime Minister Boris Johnson then protect that ignoring and dodging by ignoring and dodging it too.

Some might say that for example Scott Chilton and David Sidwick should take no blame, they are just fitting into a totally broken system and doing as they are told.

I don't. Every time someone is injured on the roads in Dorset who would not have been, every time a child is abused in Dorset who would not have been, if the police, council, regulators and government were simply doing their jobs properly, THIS IS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of ALL those mentioned here (and many others) who have been told again and again, are in a position to do something but chosen to do nothing or to protect friends / colleagues / themselves in contempt of their duty of care to the public.

Ian Belchamber