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Supt Adrian Leisk - a man totally obsessed with speed

In this article we can see Adrian Leisk commenting on a sad loss of life on the roads. Adrian Leisk has an important job, presumably he has been well chosen, is well qualified, and personally dedicated to the ambitions he states. He will seek out the most effective solutions regardless of whether they might benefit him or his colleagues personally or not. If he does his job well, fewer people will die than if he does it badly. But unfortunately none of this is the case.

He states "In a lot of collisions, speed is a huge factor" A vague, misleading and meaningless statement. What does "a lot" and "huge" actually mean? In fact, it is impossible to have a collision without some sort of speed.

A more accurate and relevant fact would be that speeding (exceeding the limit) is one of usually several factors that could include drink, drugs, anger, racing, crime, etc etc in about 8% of road deaths and serious injuries. Therefore speeding on its own would be a fraction of this. If the police completely eliminated the thing they target the most, speeding on its own, (which it is obvious they are completely failing to do) we would probably struggle to see the difference on road deaths and serious injuries.

It is therefore important that I point out that anything Adrian Leisk (or others like him) states must be disregarded. When he, and ex Dorset Chief Constable James Vaughan, and ex Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill lied about the results of their "road safety work" , I raised a complaint, and was told "Chief Inspector Leisk is not responsible for the interpretation of the data that is produced". I pointed out that this disclaimer should accompany any statements from him but was of course ignored. Neither would anyone tell me who was responsible.

Adrian Leisk therefore can and will say whatever he likes without the slightest concern about accuracy or how it may be interpreted. His obsessed ramblings about speed demonstrate the level of brain-washing going on. As he (and the others mentioned above) are / were at a senior level in the police, they were protected, by the local forces, the IOPC (Genene Wilson), HMICFRS, Policing Minister Kit Malthouse, Dorset Police and Crime Panel, Dorset PCC Chief Exec Simon Bullock (who also lied in an FOI response) , PCC Alison Hernandez, new Dorset CC Scott Chilton and PCC David Sidwick, MP Michael Tomlinson, etc etc etc. Check the link above to see all this in action.

Road safety is a complex matter, putting numbers on poles and making money from the silliest of them does not save lives. The simple fact is that over the last decade, as the police and councils have driven speed limits down and ramped up the money made from them, the long term casualty reduction we have been seeing since the 60s (apart from an inevitable dip during lockdown) has completely stalled .

This comes as no surprise to independent engineers who know that, if you aim to achieve something, fooling yourself or others, misrepresenting facts, exaggerating specific issues for your own benefit etc etc will guarantee failure.

And yet this person seems to be at the  forefront of enforcing utterly ridiculous 20MPH limits "Speeding" at 25MPH? The world's gone mad. If this energy and resource were used more wisely lives would be saved. As it is, this nonsense is costing life. And again as any competent engineer will know, 20 limits do not reduce casualty , "based on the evidence available to date, this study has found no significant change in collisions and casualties, in the short term, in the majority of the case study areas (including the aggregated set of residential case studies)"

Of course, INAPPROPRIATE speed is a massive problem, but you will normally find this in connection with other factors above (where a number on a pole does nothing), not normal people going about their duties which is where the police focus to feed the £100,000,000 per year speed awareness course industry, effectively, accepting payments in return for failure to prosecute.

One day this will be recognised as the greatest fraud against the public of all time, not least as a simple breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, goods and services must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. Sold as a casualty reduction solution, the only proper independent study on courses carried out concludes no significant casualty reduction effect. I have informed the police about this many times so they are now knowingly selling services to the public that don't work. They obviously don't care, the law does not apply to them.

The misrepresentation mentioned above was not an "isolated incident", they did it  again , and again , yes those are 2 links to 2 more recent examples of misrepresentation from the police. And another case is emerging (concerning child protection) that I cannot yet comment on which some would consider makes what I am reporting look like nothing.

The shocking state of UK policing that I've been talking about for decades is recently starting to be uncovered. Even the Home Affairs Committee seems to know about it . But what we need is action. Police corruption, incompetence, protection, coverup is widespread and blatant. An 8 year old could fix policing, perhaps it is not so "convenient" for anyone involved in the "establishment".

And it is not just the police, the councils are just as bad. The nonsense, the waste, the ever increasing congestion and pollution could only come from a joint effort. Speed limits and roads projects seem to be driven only by a small number of car-hating busy-bodies, not by any kind of joined up thinking or common sense. You only have to look at 20MPH limits and another couple of recent classics by BCP council to realise this:

Bike lanes causing emergency vehicles to get stuck

A bike lane in a road next to a new bike lane!!